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So this season of Doctor Who has been, at least for me so far, two two-part episodes that might have worked better as two 90-minute episodes…but I still prefer them to anything from last season except maybe the Robin Hood episode. Twelve is coming into his own, and is getting off some great moments every time I tune in; I loved his opening about Beethoven, even if it gave me a headache. And it’s only three weeks until Osgood’s back! Whee!

On a serious note: Happy National Coming Out Day! I may be the straightest male around, but I’ve come to learn that sexual identity and preference, just like skin color and national identity and religious beliefs, should never be anywhere near as important in judging a person as their words and actions are. To those of you who have chosen to come out as LGBTQ+, I applaud you. You have my sword! (And my bow!) (And my axe!) And if you’re considering it, or know someone who is or may be about to, click here.

On a less serious note: Sir Ian. Write your own caption.

And finally: Egad, Holmes!

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