Little gold bear and cranky archer

So, what happened to our little gold milk chocolate bear?  Let’s find out after the cut!

Oh, dear…


Princess Merida, step away from the bear.

Yes, I know about you and bears. I know you’re having a rough week, too. All this stuff you’re going through on Once Upon A Time, and now you’re forced to train some guy to be brave and you can’t even keep his name straight because one week he’s the Beast and the next he’s Rumplestiltskin and then he’s Mr. Gold and before you know it he’s John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. Meanwhile, Dark Swan is collecting hearts like they’re Disney Infinity figures, and you’ve got that Yaz song stuck in your head just like I do…

Just leave the poor bear be. I’ve got some dark chocolate somewhere. Let’s sit down, and I’ll try to explain the concept of alternative continuities.

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