will they blog again next week, can my mind really take it?

Sunday catchup time! For those of you who haven’t stopped by this week, a quick reminder: The first four Monkey Queen books are now available again on Kobo, iTunes and DriveThruFiction! (Due to Amazon requirements, Redblade will not be available outside of Amazon until March 17.) For US residents, click the links! Outside of the US, search your favorite e-book retailer for “Robert Dahlen”! More after the cut.

Speaking of Kobo, a group of indie writers is offering a special this weekend – more than forty different sci-fi and fantasy books are free on Kobo! And there’s a separate section with dozens more books just 99 cents US on Amazon! Click here and stock up!

Patty Jensen Promo 3-5

And if you need something to tide you over until the next season of Doctor Who comes out (whenever that may be): Meri Amber is an Australian geek-pop singer and songwriter who’s recorded a whole album of songs inspired by our favorite time and space traveler! It’s called Pop Goes The TARDIS, and you can listen to it (and watch all the videos) below. If you like it, head over to Meri’s website to find out more about her and get a taste of her new album, Retro Sherbet!

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