and I’m gonna blog high as a kite by then

Sunday catchup time! Just make sure you’ve got your hand sanitizer ready; whatever flu-like bug I’ve picked up this week is tough and contagious. I apologize in advance if this infects the internet. More after the cut.

Just a reminder: Among the many places you can get the Monkey Queen books is DriveThruFiction! All five books are available there in .epub format, and it’s the only place on the web where you can buy them as PDFs.

Star Wars: Rogue One…on the one hand, it’s more Star Wars. On the other, I suspect that it will not have a happy ending, and I’ll miss John Williams. But Donnie Yen…okay, I’m in.

(And if you’re really upset about the fact that there’s a female lead character? Tough.)

We’ll close out with this lovely video from the geek band The PDX Broadsides. Enjoy. And pass the orange juice.

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