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Starting this Sunday catchup with a reminder: Comments and feedback are always welcome! Jump in here on the blog, chat with me on Facebook, tweet at me on Twitter! I like hearing from people, and I don’t bite, so talk to me!

More after the cut, including a look at Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. Warning: Spoilers! Continue reading

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it’s that time again…

First, Francophone Fridays will return next week. Things have been crazy at my day job lately, and I haven’t been able to put in the time to get the next post done as it should be. I think it’s going to be a good one, so stay tuned!

But we have something else to discuss.

Every year, John Kovalic – the cartoonist behind the great gaming webcomic Dork Tower, and the gaming illustrator best known for his work on Munchkin – takes part in a bike ride to help a charity in his home of Madison, WI. Bike The Barns raises funds to help bring locally-grown organic food from farmers to needy families. That is one heck of a win-win.

And every year, John sets a fundraising goal, reaches it, and bikes the entire 60 miles…with a duck on his head.

This year, the goal is $7500. If he hits $10,000, he’ll also wear tentacles.

You get all sorts of goodies for backing him, even if you don’t live anywhere near Wisconsin. A $20 donation will get you a Munchkin postcard, a “Army of Dorkness” button, two coloring book PDFs, and a PDF of a print with a duck limerick illustrated by John…and written by Patrick Rothfuss.

And if you up the donation to $50, you get the art as an actual mini-print…signed by both John and Patrick.

So, get your browsers over to the Bike The Barns page and donate already! The fundraising started late this year, but there’s still time to help a good cause…

And even better, make a grown man wear a duck on his head. Again.

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Willow Wednesdays: a dark secret revealed

Welcome to Willow Wednesdays! Featuring art by Willow, the cover artist for the Monkey Queen series, with her kind permission! Read on after the cut for more! Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the…Wait. What?

So a thing came today. See this thing after the cut. Continue reading

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