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Sunday catchup, and since we’re heading for the thick of it, happy holiday season to all! (I apologize for missing Beethoven’s Birthday, though.) I hope that it’s a beacon of light for you, even with all the darkness that may be ahead. Lots of trimmings coming up after the cut, including where all those Sunday blog titles for 2016 came from.

They came from the music of Sir Elton John! (I suspect that many of you caught that already, but just in case.) I define it as “music”, since lyric writing has never been among Sir Elton’s many talents; most of his lyrics, including almost all his best-known material, were written by Bernie Taupin. (Sir Elton has also worked with Tim Rice, on The Lion King and much more, and others.) If you’re not familiar with his work, I recommend you drop by Eltonography, your one-stop website for all things Eltonian.

There’s one more week to go in this Elton tribute. Who’ll be taking his place in 2017? Stay tuned! And also be sure to drop by next week, as I’ll be looking back at my favorite new music of 2016. It won’t all be geek tunes and Monkees. Really.

Meanwhile, the multi-talented Lucia Fasano has launched a Patreon! Scoot over to her page to see how you can help her make music and keep creating!

The PDX Broadsides have just put up their annual holiday release, and this time it’s a two-fer! “Humbug” is about the joys of not celebrating Christmas, “‘Tis A Gift To Be Goblin” will be of note to Labyrinth fans, and both are pretty good songs. Head over to Bandcamp to hear and get them.

And the Doubleclicks will be putting on another livestream show this cominng Tuesday, 6:00 Pacific / 9:00 Eastern / 3:00 AM Wednesday CET / check your local listings. There may be some snark…but it will be festive snark. Click here for their YouTube channel, or drop by their website for more info.

That’s it for this week! Play us out, Sir Elton!

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