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Starting Sunday off with a reminder: Friday, I shared the first bit of a work in progress, a new short story in a new setting with new characters. If you missed it, click here. I’m still interested in your thoughts on the excerpt, if you have any, so pass them along. More on this, and the usual other goodies, after the cut.

The story is still not finished, but it’s mostly because it keeps growing, as I expand scenes and add characters. I’m hoping to get it mostly finished in the next few days; after that, I’ll figure out if it’ll stay as a short story or can be expanded further, into a novella.

And if you check back later this week…if the stars are right and the creeks don’t rise, there just might be another excerpt or two for you.

Meanwhile, the Misbehavin’ Maidens would like to remind you that even though the Kickstarter for their new album, Sloppy Seconds, is done, you can still preorder it through Kickstarter or their website! You can also sample their musical mix of geekdom and lewdness at their site, and unless you’re too young or sensitive for that sort of thing, you should!

This upcoming book from Sarah Gailey, with hippos in Louisiana, may be the best thing ever. Seriously. Click here for more.

And finally: I! AM! GROOT!

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