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This blog’s a long old road we shouldn’t have to walk alone

Sunday catchup is late today, and we can blame that on the flu bug I picked up on Friday. Or thank it for that. Anyway, let’s lead off with this request: If you’ve enjoyed Skyblade’s Gambit, The Crown Of Kylthena, or any of the other books I’ve written, please scoot over to Amazon and leave a review or three. Reviews do help attract new readers and attention, and both are very welcome sights to me. Feel free to also leave reviews elsewhere – Goodreads, Kobo, your blog or Facebook timeline – but Amazon does work best. More after the cut.

(A quick reminder: If you’re outside of the US and want to buy a copy of Skyblade’s Gambit, contact me. We can work this out.)

Speaking of Amazon, here are two other ways to help support my writing. One, if you need to do some last minute shopping there, start by clicking on any of the Amazon links in this post. If you do and then buy anything, I get a small but welcome cut of the proceeds. Thanks.

The other? I’ve revised my Disney Infinity want list on Amazon to no longer be just Disney Infinity. There are all sorts of goodies on there, and I’d be happy to get any of them, big or small. Click here and shop away!

But I’ll be even happier if you consider donating to the GoFundMe page my friend, and big Monkey Queen fan, Amber Goss has set up. She’s raising funds to help pay for tuition and other charges for a class she needs to take to graduate…but that her financial aid plan won’t pay for.  She’s met the most urgent need, but she still needs a little bit more to pay for some application fees. Any help you can give, even $5 or $10, means a lot.

Oh, if you didn’t notice, the holiday season is upon us, and I have two videos I wanted to share. First: This song debuted on Amazon in 2014, but wasn’t available elsewhere (including YouTube) until recently. It’s not where I got the name or inspiration for “Best Christmas Ever!” from…but it’s still a song I could see Mandy singing over the holidays.

And as improbable as it seems (especially in 2016): Is your holiday season lacking a little DOOM? Do you need a more DOOMY Christmas? Meri Amber‘s got you covered.

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