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you’re blogging yourself but you’re too unfair

Sunday catching up! One more reminder: If you somehow missed it, you can read “Book Fair Frenzy (Or, Macalley Turns The Page)”, the debut novelette for my new series Peavley Manor, here! If you like it, don’t forget that you can buy your own nicely-formatted ebook copy at Amazon.

And this is definitely not the last you’ll be seeing of Alice and Macalley…work is in progress on their second story! Stay tuned for more!

After the cut…lots! (Warning: There may be spoilers.) Continue reading

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The Sound Abounds: The PDX Broadsides!

Welcome to The Sound Abounds, where I talk about the weird, wonderful world of nerd music! These posts will feature and discuss musical acts that have performed songs that touch on (or squeefully embrace) some aspect of geek culture.

In this installment, after the cut: The PDX Broadsides! Continue reading

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