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they tell me there’s a lot of fish, blogging in the deep blue sea

First, a plug for a friend: Shei Darksbane, the co-founder of Darksbane Books, is getting ready to launch their first titles, Shei’s urban fantasy Awakened, and the space opera Destiny Abounds by her wife Annathesa Nikola Darksbane. You should head to their website now and sign up for their mailing list so you can be the second one to grab their books when they’re released (second since I’ll be trying to be the first). I’m biased, since Shei is an awesome pal, but I’m also excited for them both. Go! We’ll be here when you get back.

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A Tiding Of Magpies – where to buy!

(This list used to be a lot longer, but I’ve removed all the non-Amazon links for ebook purchasing preparing for the switch to Kindle Unlimited.)

The paperback edition is available through Amazon, or can be ordered from CreateSpace: And at Barnes & Noble: Or you can order directly from me! Just email for a price quote.

Worldwide links!

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Amazon Brazil:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Amazon UK:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Amazon France:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Amazon India:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Amazon Australia:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Willow alert!

No, it’s not what happens on the Enterprise when they run into the Space Cats. We mentioned earlier this month that Willow and her friends in Collectif Pin Up were at the Geekopolis con in Paris last weekend, but they have another con appearance this weekend! They’ll be at Epitanime, in Le Kremlin-Bicêtre just outside of Paris. There’ll be lots of anime-related panels and vendors there as well, so if you’re in the area (or have the money to splurge on a last-second plane ticket), drop on by! More info here.

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for I blogged you and I know you’ll blog me

In case you missed it: A Tiding Of Magpies is out! Get the new Monkey Queen book at Amazon, or check back later today for a (hopefully) comprehensive list of where you can get all of Michiko and Beth’s adventures! More after the cut. Continue reading

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A quick note

In case anyone reading this wasn’t aware of this, I’ve been running a blog over on Blogger for nearly a year now, posting regularly there since last August. The Monkey Queen Books blog was where you could find previews, ordering links, random observations and penguin videos.

After some deliberation, I’ve decided to keep this blog going in both places, on Blogger and here on our new web site. I won’t be bringing too many of the old posts over here, but I think a few will be worth putting up. But none of the old posts will be going away; they’ll always be up on Blogger.

So, if you want to read the older posts (or you’re allergic to WordPress), head over to the old blog now!

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Hi, and welcome to the new web home for the Monkey Queen book series! We’ll be adding more content Real Soon, so keep checking back. And many thanks to the awesome Shei Darksbane at Darksbane Books for helping with the setup!

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