The four kings of EMI are blogging stately on the floor

First off: Don’t forget to check out Willow’s crowdfunding project for her comic, The Journey Of Earth! It’s already passed the 200 percent mark, but her goal is to break 300 percent so she can get the book printed as a hardcover! Every contribution gets her closer to that goal, so contribute today! More after the cut.

(And yes, the observant among you may have figured out that the “percent” key on my keyboard is broken. Bah.)

We mentioned that indie author Craig Hansen suffered a stroke earlier this month. He is making progress, but it’ll be a long road to recovery. The GoFundMe page to help his family with medical and other expenses has already reach $1750, but they could use every dollar we can give, so if you can, take a look and maybe donate. Thanks!

An old acquaintance of mine, Sharon Cho, has just released her first novel! A Slice Of Quietude is the first novel in the Woven Myths series, and is available exclusively through Amazon! It’s darker in tone than the Monkey Queen books, but it’s also getting great reviews, and I’m looking forward to reading it!

I also downloaded (no time to read yet) C. Gockel’s I Bring The Fire Part I: Wolves, a new take on Norse mythology starring Loki. I have a confession: When I saw the email from Amazon confirming my acquisition, my sleepy head blended two words together, and I thought I had downloaded I Bring The Fart. C., if you ever read this, I am so, so sorry. Especially since I laughed when I realized it.

And finally, Willow’s crowdfunding project is on a French site named Ulule, which keeps bringing this to mind:

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