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Hi, I’m Robert Dahlen. I’m the author of the Monkey Queen series, in which Michiko (teenage hero with a wisecracking streak) and Beth (fangirl college student) team up to “save the world” (they’re starting small). It’s fantasy adventure with heroines, humor and heart.

There are four books available so far – Of Introductions And Abductions, The Brigadoon Boondoggle, Under The Stars Of Faerie, and A Tiding Of Magpies. Book five, Redblade, is tentatively scheduled for this fall. You can see all the books in the series on my Amazon Central page. Also, if you click on the “Previews!” tab, you can read the opening chapters of the first four books. And the “Short Stories!” tab leads to four standalone short stories and a story-within-a-story that’s from A Tiding Of Magpies.

Me? I live in northern California. I work full-time, but luckily I can still squeeze writing in. I have a really nice hat, a growing Disney Infinity collection, a joke for many occasions and a fondness for penguins. You can find me on Facebook, DeviantArt, and Twitter as @monkeyqueenbks, but I tend put more time in on this blog than anywhere else. Feel free to follow me at any of those places, or sign up for our mailing list!

You may notice that I talk about Willow a lot. She’s an artist from France who does the covers for the Monkey Queen books. I discovered her on DeviantArt, and I think her work is amazing…and she’s also very friendly and funny. The best place to see her completed work is on DeviantArt. She’s also on Facebook, where she posts updates and works in progress. And she has a Society6 webstore where you can buy all sorts of goodies, including Monkey Queen merchandise!

If you have any questions or need more info, feel free to leave a comment here or wherever. I’m always glad to hear from visitors and readers. And thanks for dropping by!

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