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First off, don’t forget that there are two sales on Monkey Queen ebooks going on right now! A Tiding Of Magpies, the newest book, is just 99 cents US, to celebrate 7/7 and Tanabata, through this Wednesday, July 8! And Of Introductions And Abductions, Michiko and Beth’s first adventure, is 99 cents US through July 15! They’re available exclusively at Amazon, on sale at Amazon stores worldwide, and free to read with Kindle Unlimited! More after the cut.

Congratulations to Monkey Queen cover artist Willow! She raised over 3000€ with her crowdfunding campaign for her BD/comic The Journey Of Earth! The planned publication date is October; like her on Facebook or follow her on DeviantArt (and if you’re not, you should) for updates! (And if you listen real close, you may, just may, hear rumors of an English translation down the road…)

But even bigger congratulations to my awesome pal Shei Darksbane and her wife Anna. After years of struggle, and even with a last-second fight from the religious right after the Supreme Court decision, the Darksbanes finally made their marriage official this past Friday! Love Wins! Now if they can just get their books finished. Hint hint.

And I am so hoping to be at a theater near me once this opens…

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