Last chance! Get The Brigadoon Boondoggle for 99 cents US!

It may be the end for Michiko and Beth…and it’s the end of this sale! Today is the last day for US fans to get the second Monkey Queen book, The Brigadoon Boondoggle, for just 99 cents at! This sale will end at 11:59 PM PST tonight, so don’t wait! And enjoy this excerpt from Chapter Three!

The skinny man with the British accent and the sandshoes stood in front of the blue police box and smiled. “It’s all yours, Beth,” he said. “Everywhere, everywhen. And all you have to do is come inside.” As he spoke, the door to the police box swung open.

“Do not be fooled, Beth McGill!” They both turned and saw the old, bearded man with the gray pointed hat and matching robes strike the ground with his staff. “Your place is by my side! Faithful companions! Epic quests! The world is yours!”

The skinny man snorted. “One world? I can give her galaxies!”

“And endless danger! You attract trouble everywhere you go!”

“I do not!”

“You take a vacation on a beach and a sharknado touches down!”

“Look who’s talking! You lost how many on that first quest? Three out of thirteen?”

“But only one on the second! It’s not that—”

“Enough prattle.”

Shadows swept out of nowhere and engulfed the two men, ending their argument. Beth felt a moment of regret—she had been enjoying that dream quite a bit—but it faded quickly. She shivered. She knew that voice.

The shadows seemed to take form as a woman walked out from them. She wore a flowing black robe, her hair was long and black, and her eyes held a cruel joy. “Beth McGill,” Muirin said. “We meet again.” She smiled.

“How—” Beth started to say.

“How did I get into your dream?” Muirin strolled casually towards Beth. “I walk through shadows, and your dreams are filled with them. It’s very exhausting, but revenge will be worth it.”


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