eFestival of Words: the wrapup!

The 2015 eFestival of Words is over, and thanks to everyone who dropped by and to Julie Dawson for organizing the whole shebang! The forums are still open for viewing, so you can catch up on all the events and chat transcripts here!

My chat transcript is here. In trying to keep up with all the questions, I did miss one asked by user HideAndSeek, referring to my saying that it took 17 years from conception to completion for the first Monkey Queen book: “Why do you think it took so long from conception to book?” It was because I moved on to other projects, and eventually other things, and didn’t come back to Michiko and Beth until I stumbled across my extensive notes in March 2013.

And here is where you can find the Heroes Vs Villains feud! Alas, the heroes lost, but Michiko made new friends and had fun. And is still figuring out how the heck she can get rid of a sasquatch…

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