Anniversary Week: Special one time only sale!

We (we?) here at Monkey Queen Books are pleased to announce the first of two surprises to mark our first anniversary! Starting at 9:00 Pacific time Friday / midnight Eastern time Saturday / 600 CET Saturday, we’re holding our first and last Anniversary Sale! All four Monkey Queen e-books will be just 99 cents each, for 48 hours only! We’ll get you the link when the sale goes live; remember that you can only find the Monkey Queen e-books on Amazon.

However…if you’re in a country that has its own Amazon store – Canada, the UK, Australia, France, the Netherlands, Germany and more – the sale has already gone live! Read on after the cut to find the link to the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions, and click on my (my?) name on that page to find the other books. Happy reading!

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