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We’re kicking off this Sunday catchup, and wrapping up our anniversary week, with big news: We’re pleased to announce that Willow, who has done such wonderful covers for the Monkey Queen series, will be returning to do the cover for the upcoming fifth book, Redblade! We still can’t set a publication date yet, but if you were to say “mid-November”, we wouldn’t argue with you. More after the cut!

Speaking of, congratulations to Willow for completing her BD, The Journey Of Earth, and getting it to the printer! She’ll have copies for sale next month! Look for a peek at the cover later this week, and if you want to preorder a copy, contact her through her Facebook or DeviantArt pages! (Remember that the book is only French…but things can change.)

If you missed this week’s posts, you really should go back and read them all. It was fun looking back at the Monkey Queen’s first year. We hope you’ll stick around; the best is yet to come for Michiko and Beth!

Oh, and the anniversary day happened to coincide with a certain day in the author’s life, so he may have been out last night eating a hamburger and ice cream to celebrate it. Please don’t spoil the Doctor Who season opener here. Thanks.

And speaking of thanks… The music starts at about 30 seconds in, and coincidentally, that’s when someone starts chopping onions nearby, because I’m reminded again of how fortunate I am to be able to do this, and how grateful I am to all of you for your support. Thank you again, thank you all.

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