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Forgive me for starting the Sunday catchup with a blatant plug, but I know a lot of you have been distracted between a certain holiday and a certain movie. So, if you missed it – Redblade, the fifth Monkey Queen book, is out now! This post has all the links to buy it at Amazon stores worldwide (and it’s free to read for Kindle Unlimited members or Amazon Prime members with Kindles)! And this post is where you can preview the first two chapters!

And while I have your attention, the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions, is still on sale for 99 cents US, and will stay on sale through New Year’s weekend! Grab it now if you haven’t read it, and remember that ebooks make great gifts!

After the cut…we head to a galaxy far, far away.

I suspect that a lot of people had their love of Star Wars crushed by the prequels. I know I did, to the point where I never even saw the third. A few worthy projects popped up along the way (I really liked Genndy Tartarovsky’s Clone Wars), but I didn’t think we’d ever get another movie, let alone a good one.

Sometimes, I love being proven wrong.

Okay, Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn’t on the level of Citizen Kane or The Hurt Locker. It’s not meant to be. Its purpose is to entertain, to make you laugh and cheer, to root for the good guys and sadden you when things go wrong. And on that level, it succeeds like nobody’s business.

I love Rey, plain and simple. Peter Jackson, THIS is how you do a female action hero! I love Finn, and his well-meaning boasting, and I love Poe’s snark and skill. Heck, I love BB8. And Maz Kanata had better still be alive! And the old gang…it was great seeing them, even if Han and Chewie got most of the screen time.

So yeah, I’m happy. I may even try to see it again, and it’s been decades since I’ve seen a film twice in theaters. Thanks to J.J. Abrams and everyone else who made this possible…and thanks for George Lucas for creating this in the first place, and passing it to people who treated it with and love and care.

(And there will be a Disney Infinity post here in the near future. Of course.)

And one last note: I suspect that many of you are wondering why the titles for the Sunday catchup posts have been what they were for the better part of the year. I’ll tell all in the next Sunday catchup post (along with thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which looks like a hoot), but here’s a hint:

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