a few of the blog posts, well they’ve got me quite cross

Heads up! Today is the last day to enter Willow’s Facebook contest to win a copy of her BD/graphic novel, The Journey Of Earth, and other goodies! Click here and follow the instructions to enter, and good luck! More after the cut.

If you missed it, a new Michiko and Beth short story, “That’s Amore!”, debuted on Friday for Valentine’s Day! (Or, as some people call it, “The Day Before You Can Get Heart-Shaped Chocolate At Half Off.”) Click here to read it, and don’t forget that you can always click the “short story” tab to read all the Monkey Queen short stories to date! (Warning: Spoilery.)

This is probably going to be the last new short story for a while, though. I need to put my creative energy into writing the next few full-length books. I do enjoy writing these short stories, and I hope you enjoy reading them!

One of my favorite webcomics, Above The Clouds, has just started Chapter Five! Melissa Pagluica is a wonderful artist and storyteller. Go read!

And as far as this video preview for the Great Detective Pikachu game is concerned: I’ve already made the “new season of Sherlock” jokes. Come to think of it, I’ve already made the Willow jokes too…

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