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I really didn’t intend to leave all of you hanging when I mentioned that “next big announcement” earlier. Really! I just haven’t had much time or energy to post more this week, due to other commitments and that dang flu bug that’s going around. But here’s the announcement: Starting later this week (time permitting), I’ll be serializing the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions, on Wattpad! More details soon, and more after the cut.

Don’t forget that we’re in the last few days for Kindle Unlimited subscribers to read the Monkey Queen books for free. On March 4 for the first four books and March 18 for Redblade, they’ll be leaving Kindle Unlimited and going back into wide distribution. I’ll try to get a post up this coming weekend with all the details.

This coming weekend is the final episode of MythBusters, and dang if they’re making sure I’m going to miss it when it’s gone. It’s like Adam and Jamie decided to throw sanity out of the window for good, and so we get rocket-propelled shrimp, infrared flatuence, giant hamster balls and gummi bear rocket fuel. But I still miss Kari, Grant and Tori…

And this song is apropos of nothing at all…or is it?

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