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Sunday catchup! Don’t forget that the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions, is now on sale! Just 99 cents US/CA/AU, £0.99 UK, €0,99 in Europe, and at special prices everywhere else! Tell your friends and spread the word! Buying links and more are in the top post on the main page, so scroll up and share away! More after the cut.

I overlooked mentioning this earlier (bad Robert!), but Saturday was Independent Bookstore Day. I happily took part, and here’s my haul:


But this coming Saturday, May 7, is just as good – it’s Free Comic Book Day! Head on down to your local comic store and get some free comics! Most stores let you take one or two with no strings attached, but they’ll let you get more with a donation or a purchase, and you really should. Comic stores, like indie bookstores, are local businesses and could use your support. Click here to see what’s available this year and find a participating comic store near you!

Geek pop singer Meri Amber is holding another giveaway! You can win lots of cool prizes, including copies of her two excellent CDs Pop Goes The TARDIS and Retro Sherbet! Head to her website, and check out her music while you’re there.

Finally, Michiko is very, very happy about this…

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