Wandering Star

I’ve mentioned the new collection of the sci-fi comic Wandering Star several times on this blog. It’s a forgotten classic, a story of interstellar war, the unlikely starship crew that tries to end it…and the effects that the war has on its survivors. My copy is here, and I have photos! (After the cut, that is.)

You can get the book on Amazon, and there’s a preview there. Here’s my review: First, kudos to the staff at Dover Comics. The book is nicely designed and, with the hardcovers and thick paper, quite durable. (And heavy.)

Of course, the great presentation doesn’t matter if the story isn’t any good, but there’s nothing to worry about on that front here. Teri S. Wood had an epic in mind, on both a galactic and personal scale, and pulls it off nicely, with touches of humor and humanity to keep things from getting too dark. The story and characters are solid, and the art is quite amazing – Wood’s style is instantly identifiable and uniquely hers.

One of the great trends in comics recently is that there’s a lot of rediscovery going on. Wandering Star may have been largely overlooked back in its day, off the radar, but here’s hoping that with this release, it’ll get the attention it merits…and that it might spur the cartoonist (in-joke) to share more of her stories and wonderful art with us.

And here’s my copy of the book. Yes, it’s that heavy. It could be used as a weapon in interstellar conflict.


But what’s that with it? Why, it’s a sketch card! But it didn’t come with the book…did it?

Well, no, but you can get one! Here’s how: Order the Wandering Star hardcover from Amazon. Read it (that’s the best part). Leave a five-star review on Amazon. Head over to Teri S. Wood’s website. Pick a sketch card, and follow her instructions. Soon, you’ll have one of these, just like a certain happy author…


And you’ll have read a great comic.

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