Francophone Fridays: AD_e!

Welcome back to Francophone Fridays, where we take a look an artist from the French-speaking part of the world and feature some of their art. This week: Meet AD_e…after the cut!

AD_e is from Wallonia, a French-speaking region in Belgium. She’s currently studying communication and computer graphics, but she draws on the side. The best way to introduce you to what she does is via this graphic she posted for the #artvsartist meme a few months back:

Her style is, as I described it earlier, “unabashedly cartoony”, and fueled by a good sense of humor…or is it sense of good humor? Even when things get dark, she has a light touch. And she is an unapologetic fangirl, as you can see here.

And AD_e is everywhere. Seriously. She holds contests, she promotes other artists, she has plenty to say in various comments. It’s gotten to the point where other artists draw fan art of her, enough to fill an album on Facebook…and a lot of it is very good. She seems to be bringing out the best in other artists, even as she works to better her own art.

She’s in the middle of an internship with the legendary comics publisher Dupuis as I write this. We’ll see what the future holds for AD_e…but with any luck, there’ll be much more of her art and comics to come.

Thanks to AD_e for allowing me to feature her here! You can find out more about her and see more of her work at her website, her blog, her Facebook page and her DeviantArt page. See what I mean about her being everywhere? Also, you can shop at her webstore, and she’s done commissions (keep an eye on her Facebook page for when she’ll be available and her rates). And she’s on Twitter, posting about everyday life.

All art © 2016 AD_e. Used with permission. Please don’t share or copy without asking her first.

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