Care and Feeding of Toon Creatures

Hagrid has certain job complications…after the cut.


“Y’see, Harry, yeh got ter keep an eye on Felinus Cheshirius at all times. The little devils can get up ter all sorts of mischief. But it takes ’em some time ter vanish, so if yeh see a grin without a cat, grab that net!”


“Now yer Night Fury dragons, they’re actually big pussycats. They aren’t gonna hurt yeh…unless yeh try ter hurt ’em or their friends. If you’re plannin’ on that, best ter let someone know, so they can try ter talk yeh out of it.”


“Ron, yeh gotta throw th’ Pokeball just right. And yeh can’t startle th’ Pikachu. If yeh do…ouch. That’s gotta smart. Good thing Hermione remembered ter bring th’ ointment.”


“…I quit.”

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