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Kicking Sunday off with this reminder: If you didn’t catch it earlier, a new short story, “Adoption Day”, was posted this week! Scroll up or click here to read it, or here to read all the short stories with Michiko, Beth and their friends to date. If you liked it, feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment, and you’re encouraged to share the links everywhere you can find! More after the cut.

A quick reminder: There is a Monkey Queen mailing list, for those of you who don’t visit here too often. I use it for the very basic stuff – updates, short stories, previews and the like. You can click here to sign up. You have my word that I will not sell or give away your email addresses, or bomb the mailing list with cross-promotions (sending you endless emails about other people’s books and sales).

There’s a new meme for authors floating around Facebook: Take your work in progress, go to Page 7, go down 7 lines, and post 7 lines. So, here’s that excerpt from The Crown Of Kylthena:

Beth sighed. “Constance…what happened?”

“Well—” Hitchcock started to say.

“He is the cheekiest, freshest bawson I have ever met!” Constance snapped. “All those magic tricks he’s learned have left him touched in the head!”

“I knew you liked me!” Hitchcock grinned, then winced as Constance squeezed his tail hard.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to share much more than this soon…

Meanwhile, I’m one of a large group of authors taking part in the launch of FemmeFic, a website devoted to those who write, and read, fiction featuring a romance between two women. Most of the books featured so far are in the traditional romance category, and some are a bit steamy (ahem), but there are some fantasy stories there, and hopefully there’ll be more soon. Head here to take a look. (Warning: Some of the covers there are mildly NSFW.)

And finally: I suspect all the jokes about this have been told already…

(In case you’re not sure what’s going on: This is a preview of the BBC series where Jenna Coleman plays Queen Victoria. To make up for it, here’s one that may need less explanation…)

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