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It’s Sunday catchup time! I know things have been a little light on the blog in the last couple of weeks, but I do have a few posts planned for the near future in addition to the regular features. As for what’s planned for today…just look after the cut to find out!

First, it’s another great 99 cent promo! This weekend, you can get over 100 scfi-fi and fantasy ebooks for just 99 cents US each! Head here for more info! (Note that the sale ends today, but the books may still be marked down for a few days longer. Still, waiting is not recommended.)

promo 0916

Don’t forget that you can get Shei Darksbane’s new Dakota Shepherd adventure, Blooded, at Amazon! And if you like her books – or any books, for that matter – be sure to leave a review on Amazon and elsewhere! It helps boost interest in those books, and it can make an author’s day. So do it! Go!

There are just two days left to back the Kickstarter for Lucia Fasano’s debut album, Radio Silence. Based from what I’ve heard, it’s going to be a good album…and Lucia is a nice person with an offbeat sense of humor and a genuine love for what she does. Hurry up and back it!

And finally, with big thanks to Amber Goss…Wake up. Go to school. Make a K-pop video. Save the world.

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