still too busy singing to put anybody down

50 years ago today, and hopefully not lost in the deserved celebration over Star Trek’s debut, another show that would leave its mark for years to come premiered. Take a look at Michiko’s favorite band…after the cut!

Come with me, leave yesterday behind…

Fine man, crazy man, he can’t see…

But how much, baby, do we really need?…

Do you know where we go? Do you know when we go?

I think part of the fun of making the Monkees a small part of the Monkey Queen stories (and of this blog) was rediscovering their music. With that came an appreciation for the long journey they took – from pre-engineered boy band to group finding their own voice, to their rediscovery in the 1980s, to their new album from earlier this year (Good Times) that stands with their best work, from rejection to tolerance to recognition at last.

Thanks to Mike, Peter and Micky, and to the memory of Davy Jones. In a tiny way, you did make the world a-shine.

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