The Crown Of Kylthena: Publication Delay Alert

Due to an unfortunate complication, I’ve had to push back the publication date for The Crown Of Kylthena until next Tuesday, October 18. The reason why? Short answer: I screwed up. Long answer? After the cut!

I’ve been trying to get back to work on the seventh Monkey Queen book as I started to get The Crown Of Kylthena, the sixth, ready to be published. When I got the final cover art from Willow, I made sure to contact Keri Knutson, the cover designer, right away to get her started. However, as you can see from the cover, I must have had the seventh book on my mind…


Yep. I told Keri this was book seven, not book six. And I didn’t realize it until I was getting ready to upload the files to Amazon. Duh!

(And to make it as clear as I can: This is my screwup, no one else’s. Period.)

Anyway, I’ve contacted Keri to get this corrected. If there are any further delays, I’ll let everyone know right away. My apologies for the mixup! Believe me, I want to get this book published as much as I hope you want to read it!

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