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Skyblade’s Gambit: Sneak Preview!

Time to take to the skies to seek treasure, adventure and romance! Be among the first to read the opening scenes of Skyblade’s Gambit after the cut! And check back tomorrow for the official release! Continue reading

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Skyblade’s Gambit: The Plundered Chronicles…revealed!

We’re just two days away from the December 1 launch of Skyblade’s Gambit, my new novella. There’ll be a preview tomorrow, but today, I wanted to share more information about the project that this novella is part of…after the cut. Continue reading

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when all hope is gone, sad blogs say so much

First off on this Sunday catchup: If you missed the announcement, Skyblade’s Gambit, a new novella set in the new Kindle Worlds’ Plundered Chronicles, is coming this Thursday, December 1! Read more here, and check back later in the week for an exclusive excerpt! More after the cut. Continue reading

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Best Christmas Ever! – a reposted holiday short story

It’s not been a good year, for so many people, in so many ways. But the holiday season has begun, and maybe we need another reminder that we’re not alone, that we have people we care for and who care for us.

Or a reminder to be thankful that no one’s actually written “Freddie, The Little Christmas Fruitcake That Could” yet. Either one works for me.

So, after the cut, join Michiko and Beth in their…”Best Christmas Ever!” Continue reading

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Announcing: Skyblade’s Gambit!

The last four weeks, I’ve been working on and hinting at a secret project. At last, I’ve gotten the all-clear to announce it, so here goes…

Coming December 1, an all-new novella, with new characters and adventures…

Skyblade’s Gambit.


Captain Annabel Skyblade commands the Peregrine, the most feared pirate airship to sail the skies of Aldarre, plundering the rich and powerful. The rulers of the sky realms have had enough of her, and the kingdom of Cerindel has enlisted top Navy intelligence agent Victorie Brassfeld to capture the pirate, using a lure too strong to resist – a valuable, beautiful sapphire amulet.

But the amulet hides a great secret, and when it is stolen by sinister forces, Annabel and Victorie must join together to retrieve it. And as they face danger and adventure, they also have to face their feelings for each other, feelings they have never had before, when they discover…

Hearts can be stolen too.

I was honored to be asked to be part of this project – Skyblade’s Gambit is part of The Plundered Chronicles, the very first LGBT-themed Kindle Worlds, with stories inspired by the novels of Alex Westmore. My fellow writers and I are taking things in new directions, with adventure, romance, time travel, steampunk, dystopia…and airship pirates!

(Note that as a Kindle Worlds story, Skyblade’s Gambit will only be available through Amazon, and only as an ebook.)

There’ll be official previews and much coming up over the next few days, so stay tuned! I have a load of fun writing Skyblade’s Gambit, and I hope you have fun reading it…and that you’ll want more of Annabel and Victorie!

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looking like a true survivor, blogging like a little kid

Another quick Sunday catchup. The secret project has been written, but I still can’t reveal what it is or when…but with any luck, I’ll be able to later this week. Check back later here, or on Twitter or Facebook. It’ll be worth the wait! More after the cut. Continue reading

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don’t abandon the light, don’t step away, don’t blog up that tune that you never could play

Sunday catchup, and this once, I’m skipping the cut as I don’t have a lot to say. Work on the secret project is going well; the first draft should be concluded later this week. I still don’t know when I’ll be able to say more about this, but when I get the go-ahead to say more, you’ll hear all about it. I will say that I’m having a blast writing this, and I hope you’ll have one reading it.

I posted earlier this week about my state of mind, so I won’t repeat that here. But I will mention that today is World Kindness Day. I have my doubts about these kind of days – there’s a National Oatmeal Day, for goodness’ sake – but right now, a little kindness won’t hurt and could help a lot. How you approach that is up to you, but I hope you’ll consider doing something, and keep a little kindness going in the months and years to come.

And I have to admit I can never say no to helping Girl Scouts…and I can also never turn down penguins.


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some words

After the cut. Continue reading

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blog for each second without hesitation

I’ve got a few minutes while laundry is laundrying, so here’s a Sunday catchup for you. Leading off with a blatant plug: The first Monkey Queen ebook, Of Introductions And Abductions, is on sale through November 10! Just 99 cents US/CA/AU/NZ, €0,99 and £0.99! Get it here at Amazon, or search your favorite ebook store for “Robert Dahlen”! More after the cut.

monkey-queen-sale Continue reading

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