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Well, it’s still Sunday on the west coast. You know how holidays go sometimes. Anyway, this is a special Sunday catchup, as after the cut, I present…my top songs of 2016! (Warning: Lots of videos ahead.)

11-25, in no particular order: Meri Amber, “Tamagotchi”, “Work It Out Like Goku”, “You Chose Me”; The Coathangers, “Dumb Baby”, “Watch Your Back”; The Doubleclicks, “Lord of the Rings”, “The Universe”; Lucia Fasano, “Nerd Boy”; Madness, “Mister Apples”; The Monkees, “Me And Magdalena”, “You Bring The Summer”; The PDX Broadsides, “Astronaut’s Hymn”, “‘Tis A Gift To Be Goblin”; Professor Elemental, “All In Together (GnT Remix)”; Tacocat, “Dana Katherine Scully”

10: Lindsey Stirling – “Gavi’s Song”

9: David Bowie – “Lazarus”

8: Deap Vally – “Smile More”

7: Lucia Fasano – “Radio Silence”

6: Professor Elemental – “Put Up Your Dukes”

5: The Doubleclicks – “Mobius”

4: The PDX Broadsides – “Eureka”

3: The Monkees – “Birth Of An Accidental Hipster”

2: Meri Amber – “What We Were”

1: Tacocat – “Leisure Bees”



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2 Responses to ho ho ho, guess who’s here? your fat and jolly friend blogs near

  1. Rose Bagali

    Great choice of songs. I love that you chose Meri Amber song (What We Were) it is one of my favorites.

    • MonkeyQueenBooks

      Thank you, Rose! Meri’s lyrics and vocals were amazing on “What We Were”, weren’t they?

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