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It’s Sunday, our don’t have to run day, and let’s kick things off with this reminder: If you’re in the mood for a little Valentine’s Day sweetness, it’s time to read or re-read “That’s Amore,” a Monkey Queen short story about romantic dinners, half-off dark chocolate and what Shakespeare play not to watch on date night. (Warning: Spoilers!) Click here, then come back for more after the cut!

So last week, I posted about the Doubleclicks, and it turns out that they’re about to launch a Kickstarter! It’s for their new, yet untitled album, and it launches on Monday. I’ll update then with a link, but for now you can check their website, their Facebook group, and their Twitter feed. They’ve had a $10 US level for a digital album download for earlier Kickstarters, and their records are always worth it.

Speaking of Kickstarter, the madmen at Steve Jackson Games have one going for their newest Munchkin card game…Munchkin Shakespeare! It’s the fun of Munchkin combined with the vivid characters and stories of the Bard, with art by John Kovalic and tons of puns! The base game is just $20 US plus shipping, but you can pay extra for an expansion and all sorts of add-ons. Go!
Speaking of Shakespeare, here’s my reminder to check out the best stick-figure comic about the Bard and his work there is, Mya Gosling’s Good Tickle Brain! She’s just started her retelling of Romeo and Juliet, complete with helpful commentary, so it’s a good time to jump in.
Finally: This is from one of the acts I found on Bandcamp’s ACLU day. This probably won’t be the last you hear from them here.

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