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Sunday catching up! One more reminder: If you somehow missed it, you can read “Book Fair Frenzy (Or, Macalley Turns The Page)”, the debut novelette for my new series Peavley Manor, here! If you like it, don’t forget that you can buy your own nicely-formatted ebook copy at Amazon.

And this is definitely not the last you’ll be seeing of Alice and Macalley…work is in progress on their second story! Stay tuned for more!

After the cut…lots! (Warning: There may be spoilers.)

Some crowdfunding stuff: The PDX Broadsides’ Kickstarter for their upcoming album Trust Issues is rolling along nicely; they’ve already hit their first two stretch goals in less than a week. But they have more goals to meet (including secret fun goals), so head over to the Kickstarter page, check out the live show (which previews most of the album), and back them!

The talented AD_e, who’s been featured here before, has launched a campaign on Ulule to finance her new BD/graphic novel, The Truth About Fairy Tales, based on the original versions of classic stories (which in many cases, as has been said, are more grim than Grimm). It’ll be in French, but judging from the preview, you should still be able to follow the story. Head over to Ulule and back this talented cartoonist!

So, the new season of Doctor Who is underway. I thought the debut episode was a bit slow at the start, and the jumpcutting did get a bit grating, but things picked up satisfyingly as the show went along. And Bill is, I think, going to be an awesome companion once things settle down. I liked the dynamic that’s starting to develop between her, Nardole and Twelve.

But in a lesson on how to hit the ground running, and how to reboot a series, head to Netflix and check out the revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The new cast and crew have remembered that at it’s core, MST3K was all about riffing on bad movies, and they’ve found some stinkers so far. Jonah and the new voices for Crow and Tom Servo have some great chemistry, it’s nice that Gypsy actually sounds like she has a brain now, and Felicia Day is a hoot as the latest heir in the Forrester tradition of evil, I’m only two episodes in, and there already have been some classic zingers (my favorite is the best hipster joke ever). Go! Watch!

And finally: Like spiders? Here’s a song for you! Hate spiders? Well…here’s a song for you anyway.

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