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Sunday catchup, and there’s some news on the writing front: The final draft of “The Thorn Harbour Road Rally (Or, Macalley Takes The Wheel)”, is done! The production part of things will be finished shortly, and I’m aiming for a publication date of May 16. Stay tuned for the official announcement, coming soon to a social media thingie near you! More after the cut.

Not much to report this week, as I still haven’t seen Guardians 2 (no spoilers, please! It’ll be next weekend!) and I missed last night’s Doctor Who. But I can let you know that the PDX Broadsides will be holding another live show on Kickstarter to promote the campaign for their new album, Trust Issues. It’ll be Tuesday at 7:00 PM Pacific / 10:00 PM Eastern, and you should be able to watch the video online soon afterwards. Check out their Kickstarter if you haven’t already!

Jessica Rydill, our friend from the UK, has just released a new edition of her debut novel, Children Of The Shaman! Find out more about her and her books at her website.

Finally, this piece from a New Zealand steampunk website about how an inventive steampunker solved her mobility issues is worth a read and a watch. Marvelous.


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