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Sunday catchup, and if you missed it, scroll up or click back one post to learn more about Skyblade’s Claim, the new novella in the Skyblade Saga series – coming this Tuesday, June 27! There’ll be a preview with buying links up on Tuesday – but you’ll get to read the preview Monday evening if you sign up for my mailing list! Click here! (I promise that your address will never be sold or given away.)

More after the cut!

First, this coming long July 4th weekend, WesterCon 70 takes place in Tempe, Arizona, just outside Phoenix…and the marvelous Madame Askew will be there in all her glory and finery! Bask in her presence! Join her for tea dueling and teapot racing! Fangirl with her over Author Guest of Honor Connie Willis! (And don’t judge – if I were there, I’d be fangirling over Connie Willis too!)

Our awesome pals at Darksbane Books will have new titles in the next Plundered Chronicles launch along with Skyblade’s Claim, but Annathesa Nikola Darksbane has another new release of note out – Shattered Ashes, the third book in her Dying Ashes series. It’s gory urban fantasy, not for kids or the squeamish, but go take a look and see if it might be for you!

This is several weeks worth of catchup crammed into one post, so here’s something that actually arrived week before last in the mail: The new BD/graphic novel from AD_e, The Truth About Fairy Tales! It’s also not for the squeamish; these are based on the original fairy tales, complete with mutilated feet and well-fed wolves, which makes the contrast with AD_e’s delightful art style all the more shocking. (It’s in French, but you should be able to follow along!)

AD_e drew sketches for everyone who backed her crowdfunder. Needless to say, I was thrilled with mine…

If you’re interested in learning more and getting a copy, contact AD_e through her Facebook page!

I’ll try to have more about this next bit on Wednesday, but Willow has opened up orders for the art book she produced with the other members of Collectif Pin Up, Le petit monde des Yokai (The Small World of Yokai)! Find out more, and order your copy directly from Willow, by checking out her Facebook page!

And finally, one my very favorite nerd music artists, Meri Amber, has announced her next release, Origin Story! It’s a 2-disc collection; one disc is a best of, and the other collects some singles and adds five new songs! If you’re a fan, head to her website and preorder your CD or digital download today! If you’re not, click here to listen to a sampler of the album, and you may wind up one!

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