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And Sunday catchup is back, with this reminder: Copper Cove is coming Tuesday, September 26! My newest book is a steampunk fantasy novella with adventure, romance and a great deal of tea! You can read an extended preview here, and preorder it through Amazon! More after this image, and the cut.

You may have noticed the URL in that image. It should actually redirect to my website, which has been updated to reflect the fact that I have books with four different sets of lead characters. If you found this site via that link, either “Hello and welcome!” or “Sorry for the confusion” should do.

A quick note on preordering: Getting preorders on Amazon does help a book get more exposure on release day. If you’re planning to buy Copper Cove, please do consider preordering it today or Tuesday. If you can’t right away, I understand; times are tight for a lot of people. I still appreciate your support, and I thank you.

Speaking of steampunk, we’re less than two weeks away from the Gaslight Steampunk Expo in San Diego! The schedule of events is up, and it’s a corker! There’ll be presentations, workshops, teapot races, fashion shows, dances Friday and Saturday nights, and more! Legendary author Tim Powers will be there, as will Hugo winning novelist Vernor Vinge! Madame Askew herself, along with the Grand Arbiter and other members of the Temporal Entourage, will be supervising the tea dueling and hosting a Saturday afternoon Steampunk Tea!

I’ll be in attendance all three days (though I’ll be leaving before the festivities conclude on Sunday). I’m not a guest, but I will be available if you wish to look me up for a chat; I’ll be the chap with the aloha shirt, the slightly befuddled expression, and the Madame Askew tea bag tucked into my hatband. And if all goes well, I’ll have paperback copies of Copper Cove with me!

I did want to pass this along: My awesome pal Shei Darksbane (of Darksbane Books) has just released Dakota Rising, a box set collecting all the Dakota Shepherd stories to date. If you haven’t read that series before, this is a good time to catch up; it’s fun urban fantasy, with plenty of geek references and great characters. (Not for the young ones, though.) It’s only at Amazon, so head over there and check it out!

And finally: Happy Birthday, Jim Henson, and thanks again.

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