Copper Cove: Out now!

It’s here! Copper Cove, my new novella, is now available on Amazon! It’s time to meet Tabitha Miles! If you haven’t read the extended preview yet, click here!

(I should have posted this on Tuesday, I know. I was busy moving bookshelves and cleaning up so the windows in my apartment could be replaced. Real life. Time to escape that for a bit!)

There’s been a snag or two in getting Copper Cove up at other ebook sellers and in paperback, but we’re working hard on that. With any luck, we’ll have news on that soon.

If you’ve already read and enjoyed Copper Cove, might I ask that you leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads? Reviews do help influence people who might be on the fence about buying an ebook, especially in a crowded market, and getting a few for Copper Cove could go a long way towards bringing in new readers. Don’t feel obligated to do so, but I’d be grateful if you did. Either way, thank you for your support!

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