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Sunday catchup, and did you know that today is National Redhead Day? Here’s a quick story: In Copper Cove, I never specified Tabitha Miles’ hair color, but I always saw her as a blonde. However, when Shei Darksbane was preparing the book cover, she found a stock image with a ginger model and pleaded with me not to change the hair color. I gave in. More after the cut (and a reminder that Copper Cove is available now at Amazon)!

Best of luck and good writing to those of you taking part in NaNoWriMo this year! I’m skipping it to concentrate on getting the next Peavley Manor novelette completed, but I may take another run at it in 2018. If you’re in it, feel free to leave a comment with your NaNo name and project so we can cheer you on properly.

I missed a couple of Inktober participants last week that I wanted to bring to your attention. Maureen Casulli, who I’ve mentioned before here, told a spookily delightful story with her Inktober illustrations. You can find a link on the front page of her website, along with a fine selection of her art.

I haven’t mentioned the work of Fei before, but allow me to correct that here. Her artwork is quite lively, with a good sense of humor and an eye towards diversity. Find her Inktober work on her Facebook page, or check out her webstore.

Finally, Amber, secret goddess of K-Pop, strikes again:

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