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Sunday catchup ahead, and since it’s almost time for holiday shopping to begin, I’ll remind you that ebooks make great gifts. Even mine. [grins] More after the cut!

Speaking of holiday shopping and shameless plugs: Should any of you be so inclined, I do have two wishlists on Amazon. One is for ebooks, though I use it more to keep track of titles I want to buy someday. The other is my goodie list, which mostly includes figures and graphic novels. Be warned: If you buy me something, you do run the risk of having me thank you profusely across several social media platforms.

I’ve realized that I missed two artists whose Inktober work I wanted to share. Better late than never applies here! First is Maureen Casulli, whom I’ve featured on this blog before. Her dark and mysterious Inktober work is collected on this page, and you can see more of her nifty art on Facebook.

Also, the French artist Fei did a nice series, mostly pirate-themed. You can see the Facebook album here and follow her page here (she’s currently selling some rather odd Christmas cards).

Finally, the talented cartoonist Katie Cook (GronkMy Little Pony) has recently launched a new webcomic called Nothing Special. It’s a charming fantasy about Callie, a girl who’s decided she’ll never amount to anything…but she’ll have to try when a mystery turns her life upside down. And there are radish spirits. It updates every Tuesday, and there have only been nine updates posted as I write this, so go read it from the beginning. It’s quickly become one of my favorite webcomics, and I think it’ll be one of yours as well.

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