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The Missing Mallard (Or, “Duck, Macalley! Duck!”) – out now!

The time is here to unravel the mystery, as the feathers fly and the villains gather! “The Missing Mallard (Or, ‘Duck, Macalley! Duck!’)”, the new Peavley Manor novelette, is now available at Amazon and other e-book stores! Just 99 cents US/CA/AU! Check for links below the cut, or search your favorite store for “Missing Mallard”!

One would think that an auction of duck paraphernalia would not create that much excitement. Unfortunately for Alice Peavley and her valet Macalley, one of the items in the auction, a golden duck figurine, is attracting far too much attention…especially from a number of villains and scoundrels. Food fights, pixie sorceresses, mad scientists, adorable yet destructive automatons – can Alice and Macalley prevail, or has doom come to Darbyfield?

Read on after the cut for buying links and a sneak preview of “The Missing Mallard”! Continue reading

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and we blogged as though nothing could fall

Sunday catchup time, and there’s news to report: Copper Cove is now available at iTunesKoboBarnes & Noble, and more! Find buying links after the cut! Continue reading

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Skyblade’s Claim – out today!

It’s time to take to the skies again! Skyblade’s Claim, the second book in the Skyblade Saga series, is out today! Head to Amazon now to get your copy!

 (As a part of the Plundered Chronicles Kindle Worlds setting, Skyblade’s Claim (and Skyblade’s Gambit, the first book in the series) is only available at If you’re not able to get a copy there, let me know; there is a workaround to get one to you. Also, note that this book is not recommended for younger readers, due to language and (ahem) adult situations.)

After the cut: Read Chapter One in its entirety! (Spoilers ahoy for Skyblade’s Gambit!)

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Skyblade’s Gambit: Now Available! Take to the Skies!

Today is the day! ARRRR! Buckle your swash and prepare to set sail! Skyblade’s Gambit, my new novella, is now available! Click here to get the first chapter of The Skyblade Saga! Can a pirate and a Navy officer rescue stolen treasure…while falling for each other? Find out now!


An important note: Due to restrictions of the Kindle Worlds program, Skyblade’s Gambit is only available through the U.S. Amazon store. You should be able to buy the ebook at that link even if you’re outside the U.S., but if you have any issues, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

And don’t forget that Skyblade’s Gambit is part of the Plundered Chronicles, featuring a great selection of pirate stories inspired by the books of Alex Westmore! Click here for more info!


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The Anniversary Sale is on!

This coming Monday, September 19, marks the second anniversary of the official debut of the first Monkey Queen book. To celebrate that, you can get Michiko and Beth’s first three adventures for just 99 cents US each!


Start with the first book, Of Introductions And Abductions, where Michiko and Beth first team up to rescue a kidnapped friend. In the second book, The Brigadoon Boondoggle, they have to stop a conflict between Emigres while unraveling a real estate scheme gone bad. And in the third, Under The Stars Of Faerie, they face a deadly assassin and a mad gremlin and team up with airship pirates!

If you’ve never read the Monkey Queen books before, this is the perfect time to start! If you’ve read the first, catch up now on books two and three! And ebooks make great gifts! Click here to buy from Amazon, or search your favorite ebook retailer for “Monkey Queen”!

This sale ends Monday, so don’t miss out! Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy the books!

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Kobo sale! This weekend only!

Do you have a Kobo e-reader or the Kobo app? Do you live in the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand? Do you need to catch up on Michiko and Beth? Well, this is your weekend! Head over to your Kobo store and use the promo code 50JUN, and save 50 percent on all five Monkey Queen books! But don’t wait – this is only good through Monday, June 27! (And you can get other books as well – US readers click here for more!) Search your Kobo store for “Monkey Queen” or “Robert Dahlen” to find Michiko and Beth’s books.

kobo sale

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Kobo Next For Less!

A bit of Monday night news: Not only is the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions, back down to 99 cents on Kobo and related sites, we’re featured on Kobo’s Next For Less page! If you have a Kobo ereader or the Kobo app on your Apple or Android device, swing on over to check out the latest deals!

Art © 2015 by Willow. Design by Alchemy Book Covers.

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Going Wide IV: Redblade…and thanks!

Today is the day that Redblade, the fifth Monkey Queen book, goes wide! You can now get it through Kobo, iTunes, and DriveThruFiction! It should be available shortly on Barnes & Noble, for your Nook, and other webstores worldwide. And you can still buy Redblade, and all the other Monkey Queen books, through Amazon!

Today is also a special day for me. If you don’t know the story: On March 16, 2013, I found the material I had written for a comic book series that never took off and, after reviewing it, realized it could work as a book. The next day, three years ago today, I typed these words into my tablet: “It was another crappy Friday for Beth McGill.” Three years and five books later I’m still writing, with two books and a secret project in progress, and still having the time of my life.

Thank you to you – the fans, the readers, the people who have taken a time to drop me a line or leave a comment or review, the people who have encouraged and supported me. Special thanks, first and foremost, to Willow! And also to Calomiel, Shei Darksbane, Kate Danley, Meri Amber, the crew at KBoards, Stan Sakai, Studio Foglio, Cora and Jessica at the Speculative Fiction Showcase, the enigmatic “M”, everyone else I may have overlooked…and of course to you!

Stay tuned! Don’t touch that dial! 2016 is still going to be amazing for all us! And thanks again.

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Going Wide III: Nook!

The first four Monkey Queen books are now available in the Barnes & Noble web store for your Nook e-reader, your Nook app, or in paperback! Click here, or search B&N for “Robert Dahlen”! (And next week, Redblade will be made available everywhere you can find the first four books!)

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Going Wide II: iTunes and more!

I know I said I’d wait until Sunday, but this is too exciting for me to wait. The first four Monkey Queen books are available again on iTunes and DriveThruFiction! And Canadian fans can get them on! (The fifth book, Redblade, will continue to be an Amazon exclusive until March 17.) I’m still waiting for Barnes and Noble to come into line; hopefully, it’ll be up on Sunday for the catchup post. Spread the word!

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