Friends and Links

Willow: The artist who does all the wonderful covers for the Monkey Queen series has her own page here!

Calomiel: The artist who drew my new avatar! Her site is loaded with her illustrations and comic strips; it’s in French, but you should browse there just for her delightful art.

Alchemy Book Covers: Keri Knutson takes Willow’s gorgeous art and makes it better (and ready for your e-reader)! She’s also a writer and cover designer. And I have to admit that I have a whole lotta love for the font she chose for our front covers.

Polgarus Studio: Jason and Marina Anderson take my documents, turn them into interiors or files for your e-reader, and make them look great in the process!

Darksbane Books: Besides being an awesome pal, Shei Darksbane helped set up this website! She and her wife Annathesa Nikola Darksbane have published their first novels, and they’re recommended!

Speculative Fiction Showcase: New releases, interviews, and much more!

KBoards: The leading message board for Kindle owners, e-reader users and indie authors! You might see a certain someone poking around the Writer’s Cafe forum.

Kate Danley: Author of much fine fiction, including the Maggie MacKay series and the new Twilight Shifters series!

Madame Askew’s Temporal Entourage: Tea dueling, teapot racing, and other delightful steampunk shenanigans with Madame Askew, the Grand Arbiter, and crew!

Collectif Pin Up: Willow is part of this group of fine French artists and comic/BD creators!

Meri Amber: Australia’s geek pop sensation!

The Doubleclicks: Great sister nerd music duo, with songs about dinosaurs, love and smashing the patriarchy!

The PDX Broadsides: Fun tuneful nerdy filk pop from Portland!

Sarah Shay: Musician, podcaster, girl-about-town!

The Misbehavin’ Maidens: Nerdy, dirty musical fun! (Caution: VERY NSFW!)

Webcomics: One of our favorite things here at Monkey Queen Books! Check these out!

Willow’s The Journey Of Earth!

Girl Genius

Order Of The Stick



Max Overacts


Dork Tower

Above The Clouds

Good Tickle Brain

Nothing Special


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