Peavley Manor

Alice Peavley’s first surprise was when she found out that she had inherited the estate of her uncle Clarence. To claim it, she had to move to Darbyfield, the oddest town in all the lands of the Crescent Sea. Her second surprise was when she learned that her new manor came with a valet, Macalley, a gnome with a brilliant mind and a sardonic streak. And her third was discovering all the challenges that her manor, and life in Darbyfield, held. Feuding neighbors, arrogant elfin nobles, book pilfering, motorcar races, unwanted suitors, mysterious playwrights, ruthless villains, baking contests…Alice will face them all, and with cleverness, determination, Macalley’s assistance, and a good cup of tea, she’ll come out on top.

Tales of magic, manners, and mayhem…

This is Peavley Manor.

A new steampunk fantasy series with eccentric characters, plenty of laughs, and freshly baked croissants with jam!

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