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you know I can’t blog straight no more

Starting Sunday with an announcement: For the next few weeks, posting on this blog and other social media will be significantly less than usual, mostly likely just a Sunday catchup post every week. A secret project is involved, but I can’t say more than that for the time being, and there is a deadline that needs to be met. When I can say more, I will, and I think it’ll be worth the wait. More after the cut, including paperback news! Continue reading

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Francophone Fridays: Enalizarine

Welcome to a new feature here: Francophone Fridays! Every week, I’ll feature artwork by one of many French (and French-speaking) artists I follow, on Facebook and elsewhere. I’m astonished by how much talent is coming from that part of the world, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

After the cut: Suddenly, a savage French comic artist appears! Continue reading

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satanic cats, clockwork Alices, and much-needed vacations

Last week, I shared some work from three good Francophone artists. There are a lot of them out there, though, so I’ll be sharing three more…after the cut!

First, from Belgium, is AD_e. Her style is unabashedly and unapologetically cartoony, and an absolute delight. The drawing I’m sharing comes from her DeviantArt page, but she seems to be on Facebook the most. And she is always supportive of younger artists and willing to chat; there may not be a friendlier artist in all of western Europe! (Unless cats from Hell are involved.)

Next is France’s Rosy Clockomaton. I discovered her work through Willow, and I am amazed by it. Her work is influenced by steampunk, and she has a great eye for color, character design and costuming. I think I like this Alice better than the ones from the recent movies! She’s also on Facebook, but her Tumblr blog seems to be the best place to keep up with her and her work.

And I’ll close today with Enalizarine. She’s really come along in the last year or so, and I’m eager to see her continue to grow as an artist! She’s on Facebook and Tumblr. I hope she enjoys her time off!

All art is, of course, © 2016 by the respective artists. If you have any artists (they don’t have to be French!) whose work you like, please share them in the comments!

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