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Starting off Sunday with this reminder: Skyblade’s Gambit, my new novella, is now available through Amazon! Be advised that as a Kindle Worlds book, it’s only available through Amazon’s US store. If you’re outside the US and want to get this book, leave a comment here or message me through my Facebook page; there is a workaround, and I’ll be glad to help you get your copy. More after the cut! Continue reading

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Skyblade’s Gambit: Now Available! Take to the Skies!

Today is the day! ARRRR! Buckle your swash and prepare to set sail! Skyblade’s Gambit, my new novella, is now available! Click here to get the first chapter of The Skyblade Saga! Can a pirate and a Navy officer rescue stolen treasure…while falling for each other? Find out now!


An important note: Due to restrictions of the Kindle Worlds program, Skyblade’s Gambit is only available through the U.S. Amazon store. You should be able to buy the ebook at that link even if you’re outside the U.S., but if you have any issues, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

And don’t forget that Skyblade’s Gambit is part of the Plundered Chronicles, featuring a great selection of pirate stories inspired by the books of Alex Westmore! Click here for more info!


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the less I say the more my blog gets done

Starting off Sunday with this news: The new Monkey Queen book, The Crown Of Kylthena, is now available on DriveThruFiction! In case you missed Michiko and Beth’s latest adventure, head over here for a full list of buying links! More after the cut.

Quick update: Work has started on the paperback edition of The Crown Of Kylthena. Hopefully, I’ll have proofs in hand in the next two weeks, and after that, I can announce a release date. Also, sorry for the lack of posts last week; I will try to catch up this week.

Meanwhile, I wanted to thank Meri Amber, who featured me with several other fine people on a post on her blog last week! Check that out, and then poke around her website if you’re not familiar with her music. She’s one of my very favorite geek pop acts, and if you’re wondering why…try this song out.

The Doubleclicks have a new nifty video series called “You Should Write A Song About That,” where they interview someone and then write a song about something the interviewee suggests. This first installment is about Anandibai Joshi, and you’ll find out more by watching the video below.

Here’s a brand new (lyrically, anyway) track from the PDX Broadsides! Recommended, especially for Labyrinth fans.

And finally: Lucia Fasano (reminder: her Radio Silence album is quite good) claims that she put together this Squirrel Girl costume from things she found in her closet. I’ll keep her secret identity quiet if you will. [winks]


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Spends his days blogging in a garage by the motorway

We begin this Sunday catchup by letting you know that Redblade, the fifth Monkey Queen book, is now available on Barnes & Noble for your Nook! You can also get it through Kobo, iTunes, and DriveThruFiction!

With that, all five Monkey Queen books are now in wide distribution again. You can get Redblade, and all the other Monkey Queen books, through Amazon or most other ebook retailers; just search the store for “Monkey Queen” or “Robert Dahlen”. More after the cut. Continue reading

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Going Wide IV: Redblade…and thanks!

Today is the day that Redblade, the fifth Monkey Queen book, goes wide! You can now get it through Kobo, iTunes, and DriveThruFiction! It should be available shortly on Barnes & Noble, for your Nook, and other webstores worldwide. And you can still buy Redblade, and all the other Monkey Queen books, through Amazon!

Today is also a special day for me. If you don’t know the story: On March 16, 2013, I found the material I had written for a comic book series that never took off and, after reviewing it, realized it could work as a book. The next day, three years ago today, I typed these words into my tablet: “It was another crappy Friday for Beth McGill.” Three years and five books later I’m still writing, with two books and a secret project in progress, and still having the time of my life.

Thank you to you – the fans, the readers, the people who have taken a time to drop me a line or leave a comment or review, the people who have encouraged and supported me. Special thanks, first and foremost, to Willow! And also to Calomiel, Shei Darksbane, Kate Danley, Meri Amber, the crew at KBoards, Stan Sakai, Studio Foglio, Cora and Jessica at the Speculative Fiction Showcase, the enigmatic “M”, everyone else I may have overlooked…and of course to you!

Stay tuned! Don’t touch that dial! 2016 is still going to be amazing for all us! And thanks again.

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Goodbye Kindle Unlimited – Hello iTunes and Kobo!

If you haven’t seen this elsewhere, here’s an announcement of note: The Monkey Queen books will be leaving Kindle Unlimited when their current term expires – March 17 for Redblade, March 4 for the others. They’ll still available to buy at Amazon, but they’ll no longer be free to read for Kindle Unlimited members.

I’ve made this decision because I think that interest in Michiko and Beth has grown enough where I’d like to make the books widely available again. If you’ve been reading the books through Kindle Unlimited, I hope this isn’t an inconvenience and you’ll continue to follow the series. If you prefer other e-stores to Amazon, however, you’ll soon be able to get the Monkey Queen’s adventures at Kobo, iTunes, Barnes and Noble (for Nook), Drive-Thru Fiction and more! We’ll update the “Where To Buy” links as the changeover takes place.

And stay tuned – we’ll have more exciting news coming soon! Let’s make 2016 the Year of…the Monkey Queen!

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