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you’ve blogged it in the tea leaves, and the tracks are on TV

And we’re back. My apologies for missing last week; Clockwork Alchemy consumed the entire weekend, but in a good way. There’ll be a few photos after the cut, along with two other things of note. Before that, I do want to answer a comment left by H on Saturday in a bit more detail. They asked what the latest news was on the seventh Monkey Queen book.

Hopefully, it’ll be late this year. Part of the delay is due to my not being completely happy with the story I had planned for the seventh book. At this point, I need to either figure out how best to rework what’s been written, or scrap it and start over. I know where the overall storyline is going after that; I just need to get it to that point.

Another part is real life getting in the way. Getting the Monkey Queen books ready for print after they’re written requires covers and formatting. That has taken money and time, and though I may be looking into steps to cut those costs, it’s not like with the Peavley Manor and Skyblade Saga stories, where I’ve had help (thank you, Shei and Amber!). Also, Willow has been busy for most of the last year, both with her Yokai art book and her real life things. (She did pass the review and earn her Ph.D last year, and was immediately hired for a teaching and research position, all of which has eaten up a lot of her time.) I don’t want to ask her to commit time to do a cover until I know what the story is going to be.

And other writing projects have also come up. Skyblade’s Gambit took some writing time, and I still need to finish up Skyblade’s Claim for a release later this month. The Peavley Manor short stories begged to be written and were fun to do (and helped me get out of my writing lull). And I have another project, a steampunk/fantasy thing, that I want to finish by September. After that, I can take a long look at Michiko and Beth and try to get book seven going. But it will, sooner or later, get done!

More stuff after the cut! (WARNING: Lots of photos, may take a minute or three to load.)

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do I have to blog this all over again?

We’ll start this Sunday catchup with news that I actually mentioned on Facebook earlier this week: My tentative writing plans are in place for 2016. These include three more Monkey Queen books (not counting Redblade, which will hopefully debut in the next few weeks), and the first three books in a new series. It’ll be fantasy adventure, set in the same multiverse as the Monkey Queen stories. Since I won’t be writing just about Michiko and Beth, I’ve changed the name of my Facebook page to “Robert Dahlen – writer“. If you’re on Facebook, please like my page; I try to update or share there every day, and I’d love to hear from you, here or there!

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tear the top right off of my blog

Sundays mean catchup, and I get to start with a follow-up from last Sunday’s post: Work on the sixth Monkey Queen book has officially begun! I know I said last week I’d be waiting for NaNoWriMo…but I found a hook for the opening scene and got excited. As mentioned earlier, this will be the first part of a trilogy, and it will test Michiko and Beth like never before. More, including an important appeal, after the cut. Continue reading

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girl don’t you know we can work it out with blogging

Let’s start this Sunday with a reminder: If you’re new here and want to get a taste of Michiko and Beth’s adventures, the first two chapters of all four books are posted on our website! Click the link and join up with the Monkey Queen! More after the cut.

Been a quiet week here at Monkey Queen Central, but that’s only on the surface. Progress is being made on getting the fifth book, Redblade, ready! I’m waiting for the beta reader to finish; when that’s done, I’ll give the draft one last pass. Willow has already sent in some sketches for the cover, and as usual, they look wonderful! I’ll announce a publication date when everything is ready.

Also, there is a new short story, “The Troll And The Garter”, written and ready! However, it has spoilery moments, so it won’t be published here until after Redblade is out. I’m also working on another short story, but it won’t go up until sometime in February. You’ll understand why when you see it.

And November is NaNoWriMo, short for National Novel Writing Month. I’m not going to be an official participant, but I do plan on starting the actual writing of the sixth Monkey Queen book on November 1, and wrap up the first draft by the 30th. Part of the plot has been changed over the last month or so, and there’s still a bit or two that needs to be filled in, but I think it’s going to be a corker of a book.

No notes on Doctor Who this week, as I missed the broadcast. It’s the first of a two-parter, so I’ll watch both parts at once next week and give feedback then. I did watch Once Upon A Time, but I was busy writing the aforementioned story so I didn’t pay close attention, so more on that next week too. But I’m glad that somehow Yaz(oo) got some love. They were a good band, and “Only You” is a good song. But this one is better.

And finally, this made me very very very happy. Bork bork bork.

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