Peavley Manor

Alice Peavley’s first surprise was when she found out that she had inherited the estate of her uncle Clarence. To claim it, she had to move to Darbyfield, the oddest town in all the lands of the Crescent Sea. Her second surprise was when she learned that her new manor came with a valet, Macalley, a gnome with a brilliant mind and a sardonic streak. And her third was discovering all the challenges that her manor, and life in Darbyfield, held. Feuding neighbors, arrogant elfin nobles, book pilfering, motorcar races, unwanted suitors, mysterious playwrights, ruthless villains, baking contests…Alice will face them all, and with cleverness, determination, Macalley’s assistance, and a good cup of tea, she’ll come out on top.

Tales of magic, manners, and mayhem…

This is Peavley Manor.

A new steampunk fantasy series with eccentric characters, plenty of laughs, and freshly baked croissants with jam!

Tales of Peavley Manor! A collection of all four Peavley Manor novelettes! Now available at Amazon and other ebook sellers!

Look for the debut novel in 2018!

Read Alice’s debut novelette, “Book Fair Frenzy (Or, Macalley Turns The Page)here on this website!

It’s Alice Peavley’s first book fair in her new hometown of Darbyfield. Things are going well…except for the incidents with the mud, the disappearance of the books her friend Mabel brought to sell. and the arrogant elfish noble who just accepted her accidental challenge to a duel. It’ll take all of Alice’s cleverness, all the brainpower of her gnome valet Macalley, and several good cups of tea to close the cover on this tale.

Get the second Peavley Manor novelette, “The Thorn Harbour Road Rally (Or, Macalley Takes The Wheel)”, for free by subscribing to the Robert Dahlen mailing list! Read a preview here!

It’s Race Day in the town of Darbyfield, and after an accident, heiress Alice Peavley and her gnome valet Macalley jump into the race behind the wheel of a friend’s motorcar. They’ll have to go up against five other racers and confront dangerous roads, dirty tricks, and a hungry bear. It’ll take all of Macalley’s brainpower, and all of Alice’s wits and determination, for them to win the Thorn Harbour Road Rally!