Monkey Queen


“How would you like to help me save the world?”

And with those words, the adventures began…

Monkey Queen!

Fantasy with heroines, humor and heart!

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Beth McGill was just another geek girl slash college student, stuck in a rut…until she discovered she could see through illusions and realized there was much more to the world around her.

Michiko Koyama was an orphan, taken in by the wise Grandmother Fox and raised and trained to be a hero. She fought ogres, trolls and rogue wizards, helped refugees and rescued people in trouble…but she knew she needed help.

Then, Michiko rescued Beth from an ogre, and they teamed up to rescue a kidnapped friend and thwart a sinister plot from a Lord of Faerie. Now they face monsters and deadly foes, travel to Faerie and beyond, and save the world (as Michiko puts it) together! They’re roommates, best of friends, and partners in adventure…and maybe, just maybe, they’ll end up as something more.

Readers say: “Quirky and imaginative!”…”Fun, fast and adorable!”…”A light, fun read filled with hope and optimism!”

Travel across the multiverse, from doomed Trosk to thriving Aloc! Meet crafty gremlins, proud faeries, enigmatic wizards, airship pirates, warrior princesses, demonic chefs, and cranky guinea pigs! Get to know Michiko and Beth…and see where life takes them.

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Cover design by Keri Knutson at Alchemy Book Covers.

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