Peavley Manor (Or, Introducing Macalley) – out today!

Peavley Manor (Or, Introducing Macalley) is out today! Huzzah! Order your copy, pour yourself a cuppa, grab a scone, and enjoy your reading!

You can get the ebook at these fine sites:



Apple Books:

Barnes & Noble:

Outside the US, search your ebook retailer for “Peavley Manor”! If it doesn’t turn up right away, give it another day or so.

The paperback is currently available through Amazon. I’ve ordered some copies for myself, and should be getting them in 1-2 weeks; I’ll be offering some for sale through the mail at that point.

Thank you for all your support! I worked hard on Peavley Manor (Or, Introducing Macalley), and I’m glad it’s out for the world to see and read! I hope you enjoy it!

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