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First off, the big Monkey Queen Summer Sale is still going strong! Get the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions, for just 99 cents US through July 15, and marked down at all Amazon sites! Head over to Amazon and grab it now, or read it for free if you’re in Kindle Unlimited! More, including some exciting Willow news, after the cut.

She did it! Willow has broken the 300 percent mark for her crowdfunder for her BD/comic The Journey Of Earth! As a result, the book will now be available in hardcover. This is the last week to jump in, and if she can top 350 percent, everyone who ordered a book also gets a free keychain! If you haven’t backed her and were thinking about it, it’s time.

(And she’s also on Twitter now, at or @Willow_San. Come to think of it, I’m there too as @MonkeyQueenBks.)

Today’s ebook plug is for a new title by author Ella Summers – Enchanted, the first book in the Science and Sorcery series. It’s just 99 cents on Amazon, it’s got a great premise and the cover is amazing! Can’t wait to read it (if I ever find the time)!

And finally, I have just obtained a new smartphone with a pretty good camera, so expect to see a few more photos popping up here. Like this one – Princess Merida may have bit off a bit more than she can chew, but at least she’s got some help…

Let's hope that Loki has a weakness for redheads.

Let’s hope that Loki has a weakness for redheads.

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