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Beth could see the terminal, the other airships, the gloriously clear sky above, and Dawnhome below her, and she tried to take it all in, remember it all. She noticed the young pixie from the elevator was near her, sitting on her father’s shoulders, beaming with joy. Then, she looked at Michiko, standing next to her, and saw that her friend’s smile mirrored the young pixie’s, and her own. “You were right!” Michiko said. “This is awesome!” Beth nodded, too happy and thrilled to speak, as Folly’s Flight climbed, banked left and headed north.

The countdown is on…again! US readers can now get the third Monkey Queen book, Under The Stars Of Faerie, for 99 cents at! This is a Kindle Countdown deal, and it ends at 11:59 PM PST on Wednesday, July 29, so don’t wait! And look for this wonderful cover by Willow!

MQ3 cover big

“You were right about her. She is a hero.”

When a love-crazed gremlin kidnaps pixie waitress Mandy, Michiko Koyama, a.k.a. the Monkey Queen, and her partner in adventure Beth McGill journey to Faerie to rescue their friend. Circumstances force them to ally with the crew of a pirate airship, led by the mysterious Captain Ash. Dangers await them in the sky, on the ground and in their hearts.

And an old enemy waits for them, his trap set and ready to be sprung…and it could mean the end of the Monkey Queen.

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