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Sunday catchup time! First, we’ve been forgetting to mention this, but this coming weekend, August 14-16, is the annual eFestival of Worlds, an online book fair and convention! We’re still waiting on word about a planned Q&A session, but on Sunday at 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern / 8:00 PM CET, you can attend the “Heroes vs. Villains” panel. Three heroes and three villains, answering questions “Family Feud” style, and Michiko will be there, dazzling the other heroes with her brilliance and baffling the villains with her cuteness and snark! Get more info here. More after the cut!

We’ve been promoting Awakened, the first book in the Auralight Codex series, written by Shei Darksbane with Darksbane Books. The release date for the second book, Hunted, has been announced, and it’s this coming Friday, March 14! We’ll update you when the book is actually released, but you can find out more about the series at the Darksbane Books web site or at Shei’s Amazon author page.

The Doubleclicks are about to release their new CD! President Snakes will be available to buy and download this Tuesday, August 11! Get more info at their web site.

The fourth chapter of Melissa Pagluica’s enchanting webcomic Above The Clouds has just started! You can jump in with the current page or read the story from the beginning at the web site.

And finally, I am sweetly and politely persuaded to add one more figure to my Disney Infinity want list:


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